What Makes Us Tick

BodyRight Healthcare is an Allied Health Service Provider that specialises in delivering remote Allied Health services to Aged Care, Community Care and NDIS Participants. Our goal is to set the national benchmark for the services we provide.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to change people’s lives by restoring physical health and mobility. We help people get their “Bodies Right”.

Our foundation is built on more than four decades of clinical experience. That’s what sets us apart. The heart of BodyRight Healthcare is expressed in the company motto which is to “Have Fun, Help People, Make a Difference”.

Our culture insists that it’s ok to have some fun along the way. Our work is client centred and it’s all about facilitating real change to impact the quality of people’s lives.

Our Vision

To be the national benchmark for Allied Health Services. The provider of choice, providing great clinical outcomes through a program of excellence in clinical intervention & education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a national team of over 100 Allied Health professionals, that embrace our company core values and behaviours. Technology and innovation will play a big part in helping us grow as we strive to improve both our service efficiency and delivery. Being robust and responsive to the changing healthcare environment gives us the competitive edge to deliver  a great customer experience at all times. We will continually strive to seek out new strategic alliances and referral partnerships to grow the organisation through leverage and cooperation.

Living the Values at BodyRight Healthcare

Our values set the boundaries and behaviours and act as a “North Star” for the entire team. However, words can be one thing, but what really matters is action. A company’s true value can be seen when its employees and leaders embrace the core behaviours, when no one is looking. You want people to immediately understand how these values translate into actions and behaviors. Another feature of these values is the culture that it embraces and exudes. It is demonstrated by the people whom it hires, the leadership provided in who it rewards and promotes, how it treats  suppliers, customers and anyone that interacts directly or indirectly with the company.

Mark Schneider
Founder and Director

Our Values

“Have Fun, Help People, Make a Difference”

  • Empowering others to deliver a great client experience
  • Radiate enthusiasm in both your actions and attitude
  • Always look for the silver lining
  • Exceed the clients expectations
  • Empower, support and encourages others
  • Engage, be present and authentic
  • Always allow your attitude to attract and inspire others
  • Always have a smile on your face (it’s okay to have fun at work!)
  • Take ownership for all actions and decisions as well as their outcomes
  • Be proactive and lead by example
  • Take personal ownership of your allocated duties
  • Be attitude dependable, don’t let your circumstances affect you
  • Follow through on all your tasks
  • Always do what you say you will do
  • Admit when you’ve made a mistake – failing forward is a normal part of learning
  • Be open and honest with your communication
  • Always ask questions before making decisions, don’t make assumptions – two ears and one mouth, use them in proportion
  • Always have an open mind and listen to others opinions
  • Speak up if you feel there is an issue, everyone can have their say
  • Always speak with good purpose and do not engage in personal or professional negative dialogue
  • Live the “Open Door Policy”
  • Be open to change, new ideas and different ways of doing things
  • Demonstrate innovative and forward thinking
  • Recognise and reward others for improving the client experience
  • Break boundaries, make room for new opportunities and knowledge
  • Don’t allow the past to define the future, always embrace improvements
  • Bring new initiatives forward and don’t accept mediocrity
  • Review processes that are not working and seek ways to change them
  • Utilise technology to improve efficiency and to deliver a better outcome
  • Never stop learning, self investment is the best investment
  • Actively listen to customers to understand their needs
  • Put customers at the centre of all decision making

Why Choose Us

Based in Melbourne, we have established a reputation as a trusted Allied Health service provider.
Four Decades of Allied Health Clinical Experience

Extensive clinical experience gives us the competitive edge to create bigger & brighter clinical outcomes.

Audit Proof Documentation

Our reporting and documentation systems are audit proof and meet compliance requirements.

Hand Picked Practitioners

If you want great clinical results and outcomes, experience is one thing but you still need great people.

Client-centered Process

Our practitioners care about our clients and follow a process that is reliable, timely and ensures a better outcome.

Education & Prevention is our focus

Better health outcomes require effective intervention but preventative education will deliver big returns.

Assistive Technologies Experts

Speak to us about your specific mobility issues and we will help you find you a solution.

Best Clinical Practices

We advocate that you never stop learning. Continued professional development is an essential part of who we are.

Quality customer experience

Our practitioners not only care about the treatment you receive, they also care about your overall experience.

The Ultimate Allied Health SCORECARD

For Residential Care Facilities: measure if your Allied Health provider is meeting expected standards. This checklist is the first step in an audit process valued at $1500.