Graduate Program

BodyRight Healthcare graduate program was created to assist in developing and mentoring new grads to ensure a successful & productive career pathway.

As a business we recognise that the members of our team are our most important asset. Finding the right people who align with our values is always our primary objective.

When this happens you create synergy and a great outcome is guaranteed.

About BodyRight

Our purpose, vision and mission are at the back bone of all that we so at BodyRight Healthcare :

Our purpose is to change people’s lives by restoring physical health and mobility. We help people get their “Bodies Right”

Our vision is to be the national benchmark for Allied Health Services.

Our mission is to build a large national team that embraces our core values and aligns with our purpose.

New Graduates - Why Join Us?

Our Graduate Program has been specifically designed for new Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Exercise Physiologists. We have over four decades of clinical experience providing Allied Health services to three key sectors: Aged Care, Community Care and NDIS. We offer a comprehensive program that provides a great start to your career, all under the guidance and supervision of our experienced & highly motivated Senior Practitioners. We are confident you will hit the ground running.

If you are passionate about helping people, like a bit of fun and want to make a difference in people’s lives, then this program might just be right for you!


  • Great work-life balance
  • Career development opportunities
  • Access to Monthly training and mentoring
  • Education Assistance Program
  • Comprehensive induction and ongoing training


  • Personal welcome pack
  • Generous and competitive salary
  • Comfortable uniform/s suitable for your work
  • Professional development allowance
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Refer a friend bonus
  • Regular social catchups
  • Plus save up to 20% with cashback and discounts with leading retailers


To join the BodyRight Healthcare Graduate Program and kick start your Allied Health career, follow our simple process below:


Step One

Online Application

Online Application – with your CV at the ready, please submit your application via this link Graduate Application

TIP. To help streamline the process, it’s best to apply for your AHPRA registration ASAP.


Step Two

Individual Interview

Successful candidates will be invited to attend an interview with members of our clinical and management teams.


Step Three

Second Round Interview & Reference Checks

Successful candidates will be invited to a final stage interview with members of our clinical and senior management teams. We will also follow up with reference checks.


Step Four

Welcome to BodyRight Healthcare

Those candidates whose values align with ours will be contracted and notified of their acceptance into the graduate program with a formal letter of offer.

Upon acceptance of the offer, graduate intake for the next calendar year will commence mid January (although we do offer year round commencement of the program if you require it)


Kick-start your Allied Health career with the BodyRight Healthcare Graduate Program.

As a company with over four decades of clinical experience, BodyRight Healthcare’s priorities are to deliver premium Allied Health services to residential care, HCP and NDIS providers. Having the right people on the team is crucial to guarantee success. Therefore we are always keen to hear from grads whose values align with ours.

Over a 12-month period, you will work through key stages alongside our experienced team of Allied Health professionals and fast-track your learning with hands-on training. Using our TRUST model, you will not only grow professionally but, more importantly, personally.

Step-by-Step: How the Program Looks

A one-day induction onsite at the BodyRight Healthcare head office. Get to know the entire senior management team and kick-start your BodyRight journey. Throughout the day, we will cover all the formal aspects of the job, including HR, company guidelines and basic Allied Health orientation. This will enable you to have a greater understanding of the daily expectations prior to starting work and allow you to crack into it from day one when you are onsite. We will also have your Team Leaders come and meet you to ensure on your first day there is at least one familiar face.

At BodyRight Healthcare, we have developed a model that all of our graduates go through. The model is built upon five key pillars of what we believe achieves success – it’s also convenient that it spells out one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship.

The TRUST model was developed to ensure your 12-month journey throughout the graduate program has clear expectations and purpose, and to ensure ongoing professional and personal development.

Within the early stages of your journey, you will spend time with our Team Leaders as well as our senior management team to build out the model and set yourself up for a rewarding 12 months. At BodyRight Healthcare, we believe that when all five elements come together, great things happen.

Initially, you will be partnered with one of our senior practitioners, who will work with you daily to guide, encourage and support you throughout the program. Your mentor will be onsite with you and will have weekly meetings to check in and cover any questions you may have.

As your confidence and experience grows, you will be encouraged to pursue activities on your own and report back to your mentor upon completion. We believe that arming you with skills and knowledge from the outset allows you to develop at your own pace and, when the time comes, ensure you are ready to act.

Furthermore, your peers are going to be a fantastic resource and support network for you throughout your graduate year. With regular team-based mentoring and meeting sessions, where any clinical queries can be raised, brainstorming sessions or general conversations are held to learn off one another in a group setting.

Hosted through our BodyRight internal portal, our team will have access to a range of relevant, sector-specific educational resources, to help improve your learning experiences. The topics of focus will change each month to ensure we are always learning. Never fear though, they are all accessible to go back and review on demand.

You will also have the opportunity to present your understanding of your new skills within a site team meeting. Our leaders will nominate a member of the team to present to the group a topic of choice, based on the monthly learnings.

In conjunction with Online Education, BodyRight participates actively in providing hands-on learning experiences for our team. We believe that after completing the online learning, putting it into practice is the next step. The Clinical Workshops are generally run by our senior practitioners, but may also include third-party suppliers or experts contributing to the specific topic. These sessions are always well received and a great opportunity for some team building.

Upon completion of contract probation, you will gain access to our Education Assistance Program, in which BodyRight Healthcare will help fund and contribute to any additional skills, training or courses you wish to pursue (depending on relevance to your current role).

Focus on 90-day, 180-day and 360-day progression goals, ensuring you are always learning and developing not only as a practitioner, but as a person.

After 11 months, we will sit down with you and your Manager – if you wish – to discuss your future ambitions and how BodyRight Healthcare can get you to where you want to go. If you wish to pursue further education or expand your experiences into alternate sectors, we are all ears and happy to facilitate.

At the completion of your 12-month graduate journey, we are more than confident that you will be ready to evolve your career to the next step. To acknowledge the significance of completing the program, we will provide you a Certificate of Completion and reward you for your efforts. This is just the beginning!

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