Mark Schneider

Our Founder & Director

Bodyright Healthcare opened its doors the year of Y2K. If you don’t remember, that was the year everything was meant to stop! It started with the intention of creating an ethical practice that combined the knowledge and experience from the previous 17 years in private practice, with a strong desire to help people. With a significant interest in education & prevention, Mark began searching for a business identity that described what it is we do! The company name Bodyright came as an epiphany as it describes exactly what we do whether your 9 years old or 90.


Mark was educated in Melbourne at Lincoln Institute and graduated in 1983. The first stage of his career was in private practice in the sports, spinal and orthopaedic domain. Circumstances closed that chapter and the greater Journey began.


“The great thing I really enjoy about working in the aged care, community care and disability  space is I can take all of the knowledge and skills I learnt working in private practice, and see them really make a difference, in a different demographic. This is a really satisfying experience and what’s even better you don’t have sore hands”

We connect every day with great people, they all have an incredible story and it’s a privilege to be involved. Remember, “Have Fun, Help People Make a Difference”


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