Innovative Occupational Therapy Solutions

Innovative Occupational Therapy Solutions

OT’s Building Bespoke Solutions

Occupational Therapists (OTs) are remarkable problem solvers with a global perspective. They’re dedicated to enhancing quality of life, whether after a life-altering event or the challenges of aging, OTs are here to empower individuals and their families who aspire to maintain their independence at home.

Here’s how they help:

  1. Enhancing Mobility: OTs provide vital solutions to minimise falls and enhance independence.
  2. Community Access: They find the perfect mobility solutions, from scooters to wheelchairs and specialised car adaptations.
  3. Personal Care and Confidence: OTs boost independence and confidence through skills training and modifications.
  4. Home Comfort: Customised home adjustments, including standing and self-support aids, seating modifications, ramps, and handrails.
  5. PADL and ADL Mastery: OTs offer techniques and equipment for efficient food preparation, and solutions for daily activities like laundry and cleaning.
  6. Memory and Cognitive Support: Addressing memory issues and forgetfulness with innovative approaches.


The BodyRight OT’s are backed by a team of physios, exercise physiologists and osteopaths to round out the squad for a complete in-home success solution. So when you send us a consumer challenge, we can provide the right mix of allied health components to meet the consumer’s needs.

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