Bodyright Healthcare Commissioned to Run Transformative Sunbeam Program

Bodyright Healthcare (BRHC) is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a provider to run the Sunbeam Program by the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN). This will be BRHC’s second year of delivering the valuable program after completing it in 2022 in partnership with NWMPHN.

The Sunbeam Program reduced the rate of falls
by 55% in the study exercise group

The Sunbeam Program is a falls prevention program that involves small group therapy. It was initially developed to help those who were at most risk of physical deconditioning and falls during COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. As facilities continue to manage the impact of COVID-19 on their Consumers, this program has been extended into 2023 in order to allow for greater improvements to those affected.

The program aims to benefit Consumers living in Residential Aged Care Facilities by increasing access to allied health services with no additional costs. The goal is to improve the physical capacity and overall health of Consumers, increasing opportunities to engage with other Consumers and strengthening relationships with allied health staff. Sunbeam also benefits BRHC’s practitioners by providing them with an additional program where they can deliver evidence-based group therapy and help improve physical outcomes of the Consumers even further. The Residential Aged Care Facilities and BRHC practitioners will collaborate closely to ensure that Consumers achieve maximum benefits from this service.

Improves clinical practice and health outcomes
for long-term care residents

Bodyright Healthcare’s skilled practitioners will run small group exercise classes twice a week for the duration of this program. Our team are thrilled to deliver this Australian researched intervention to the Consumers we work with. Our practitioners continuously strive to improve quality of life for their clients.

The NWMPHN is a government funded, independent organisation that helps coordinate primary health care in their assigned region. They aim to ‘help people stay well by supporting providers deliver better, more accessible primary care in Melbourne’s inner, north and west.’ BRHC will be providing this service in selected Residential Aged Care facilities.

If you are searching for a trusted provider who has significant experience in delivering group exercise classes and helping older adults reduce their falls risk, then Bodyright Healthcare is here to help. CONTACT US ON 9558 9111 and speak to one of our welcoming customer service representatives for more information.

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