Our Mobile Allied Health Therapists

Mobile Allied Health Therapists

Mobile physiotherapists provide home consultations, rather than traditional appointments in a clinic. They take the hassle out of getting to an appointment, by bringing the services to their patients. They provide the same quality care that you receive in a clinic in the comfort of your own home, and they come with many benefits.


Mobile physiotherapy appointments are convenient for a majority of patients. This is especially useful for patients that cannot drive for a period of time, as a result of surgery or a medical condition.

We also find that a lot of our patients are elderly people who live by themselves. Home consultations are convenient for these patients, as they rarely have someone available to take them to their necessary appointments.


Not only are at-home appointments convenient, they’re also a much safer option for some patients.

Some patients find that they are in too much pain or too exhausted to travel for their physiotherapy appointments after being discharged from hospital. This includes patients who have just had surgery (such as a knee replacement) or who have spent time in hospital for other reasons (such as a recent stroke).

Home physiotherapy is necessary to begin recovery as early as possible.


Mobile physiotherapists promote inclusivity to a wide demographic who relies on their service – those with a disability.

Home physio simplifies access issues, because the patients have better mobility and control of the environment that they’re most comfortable in.


The main focus of physiotherapy is assessment. Often, mobile physiotherapists are able to make more thorough assessments with home consultations – so it’s convenient for the therapist as well as their patient.

For example, if a patient is concerned about something affecting their recovery, such as their mattress or couch being uncomfortable, a mobile physiotherapist is able to assess the situation and offer with a solution straight away, whereas a physio at a clinic would have to make an assumption based on what the patient believes may be the problem.

Mobile physios can make a better judgment on anything that may influence their patient’s recovery and can suggest improvements.

At Bodyright Healthcare, we provide premium allied health services, including mobile physiotherapy for our clients who need it. Our experienced therapists provide detailed assessments with treatment plans that have realistic expectations.

We welcome private, DVA clients with a D904 referral and Medicare referred clients.

To get in touch with our dedicated team, call us on (03) 9558 9111 or contact us here.

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